Let's Talk About Full Coverage See Through Window Graphics



Let's talk full window coverage graphics. 



Although not our video, this is a good one showing install on window with wiper blade


So how do those full window coverage graphics work? Can you even see out? Does it go on the outside or inside the glass?

Is that Safe? There is no way they can see out that rear glass!!!

Actually, they can, and much better than you may think.  I love these things.  They look awesome on glass.



Large full coverage window graphics are printed with wide format printers onto perforated adhesive vinyl substrates. The amount of holes in the vinyl determines both how well you can see through it and how well the graphic will look when printed onto it.  Of course the less holes the harder it is to see through.   Normally 50/50 perforated vinyl is used on vehicles.  That is 50% holes and 50% vinyl.  The graphics are applied on the OUTSIDE of the window.

Perforated Vinyl

There are several advantages to perforated window graphics. 
1. It’s a great 24/7 Advertising media 
2. It provides privacy attributes
3. Cooling properties with it’s one way vision sun blocking capabilities
4. Vehicle Customization

We print, laminate and apply these rear window graphics at our shop along with shipping them all over the world all the time and we have learned a lot since we started in this business.  The problems associated with using cheap perforated vinyl are NOT worth the cost savings.

If you have searched the internet for full coverage rear window graphics for the back window of a pickup for example, I’m sure you have found businesses selling them cheaper than we do. I see them selling at $40-$50 all the time.  There are a couple good reasons they are selling them so much cheaper than we do.

One is they are exactly that.  CHEAP.

They are using inexpensive short life span perforated "calendared" vinyl that will last 1-maybe 2 seasons outdoors and start to come loose after a couple car washes and weather exposure, fade or just lose their overall vibrancy.

We have learned from experience that you get what you pay for and we now only use 3M Scotchcal 4 Mil “CAST” perforated window film with pressure sensitive adhesive that lays flat during printing. 

3M, formerly known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, is an American multinational conglomerate corporation based in Maplewood, Minnesota, a suburb of St. Paul.  We like using American companies when at all possible. 3M is the only company on the market currently that offers this “CAST” perforated vinyl.

3M's perforated vinyl is a much higher quality grade substrate than what most companies use. It will not lift around simple and mild compound curved windows. It lays and stays much better around the window edges.  It provides better lifting resistance than any calendared perforated vinyl film out there.  Most all other companies printing these use a cheaper calendared vinyl to keep the cost down. So if your paying less than $75 for a rear window graphic, your getting a cheaper calendared vinyl.  There is no way a company can sell high quality window graphics for pickups under $75 and stay profitable.  Don't let the price fool you.  We have learned over time that quality means everything.  We would much rather sell as high quality product as is available than cheap substitutes which cause nothing but customer complaints and problems.  It just doesn't pay.

Lamination.  Does the company selling the graphic even laminate at all?  It takes special equipment to apply the laminate properly.  If they are selling it cheap, chances are they don't even have the equipment to do it.  Do they give you a choice?  What kind of laminate are they using on their REAR WINDOW GRAPHICS WRAPS.  Did you know there are laminates available that do nothing more than give it a glossy appearance and do nothing as far as providing UV protection?  Lamination is a very important aspect to think about purchasing for several reasons.  The type of laminate used is also important to understand so you know what your actually paying for. Our cast "optically clear" laminate will add 3-5 years of UV fade protection.

Take a look at this photo:

The glossy appearance you are seeing is the laminate applied over the graphic.  Without it you will have a much more matte appearance.  No gloss at all.  Sometimes that is the look you are going after and that's ok but lamination does other things also.  It protects the image from scratches.  It protects the image from fading for a much longer time.  Laminate on perforated vinyl window graphics also keeps dirt and water from settling into the perforated holes when it's raining.  A non-laminated rear window graphic becomes much more difficult to see through during a rain as the water puddles in the holes.  I'm not talking a "little" more difficult, I'm talking almost impossible to see through.  If your graphic is laminated, the water runs right off with very little visibility loss.  It's a slick, glossy silky smooth layer over the graphic that looks awesome!  You can expect easy installation with the high quality substrates.  Don't settle for a cheap substitute.

 I have a rear sliding glass.  Will these still work in my situation?  Absolutely!    Take a look at your window and visualize it applied.  Order a size that will cover the window completely and any framework around the window.

When we are applying rear window graphic wraps to windows with sliders, we apply the graphic right over any frame pieces that are part of the sliding glass.  We leave the image on these areas so you won't have areas of the graphic missing.  We then slit the graphic where the window slides so it can still work.  When the window is shut you see the whole graphic.  When done correctly they look just as great on a slider!  Order away!

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us and we will try to clear them up.